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A story of freshness


Meet our

self love curator & creator


We are a family working to share our handmade products that promote self love and enhance your self care journey! Each exclusive recipe has been created to be a solution for everyday hair, skin, and home problems.

We started with a commitment to learn about holistic ways to heal our bodies while lessening the effects of colorism and texturism created by products on the market today. With the skin being our largest organ, we decided to start with getting rid of lotion in our skin care regimen. After a whole year of not buying any lotion from stores and perfecting out body butter recipe we are proud to share with every customer online, and at one of our many events. This sparked us to start looking where we could make a huge difference in how we were talking care of our hair, feet, face, and more! Even with over 15 products, we are definitely not done making a difference!

We are so honored and excited to not only share our Be Actual Natural family favorites, but to also hear about yours. Our story is yours and we want you to know that you are apart of the family!

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